Rintez Healthcare

Rintez is looking after your wellbeing, will give you small insights regarding your health, is 24 hours with you and will allert your chosen contacts or the ambulance, if it’s the case. 

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Rintez connecting people
Rintez. Stay Connected. Stay safe.

Fighting with

First on our list is Coronavirus
Diagnosis, symptoms, medication, early announcements, status sharing, spreading areas and many other will be included at the launch of the app. This is our way of fighting with it. And you can fight BY STAYING AT HOME, helping the ones in need and contributing to any open initiative

How does this app work?

Simply said, is a virtual medical aid. But smart one and, by any means, is keeping an eye on you in order to be on the right path. You will use voice or text to introduce the details. Rintez does the rest. And does so much more…

User Friendly

Built for everyone. And made for bulky, big or small fingers, for elderly and young people too

Extremly secure

Rintez is build with security in mind. From fingerprint to P2P encryption. Nothing is missing

Medical support

Find out about your symptoms, look for advice, find the closest clinic and far more

Rintez connecting people

Check on the loved ones.

No matter if it is family, friend or just someone you care so much, now you can know, in real time, if everything is ok. Maybe they forget or maybe they are too busy. Now you and them can share status of existing health and condition.
Takes one minute to register. And they will thank you later.